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My inspiration for drawing started when I first saw manga and comic books as I was fascinated by how the characters were drawn and the poses they were doing as well as the surroundings. One of the artists who inspired me was Hirohiko Araki, he is the creator of the anime series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” as his art style was very unique and truly stood out from other artists. 

Another famous artist who inspired is Makoto Shinkai who is behind the creation of the famous anime series “Dragon Ball” and just like Hirohiko Araki, his art style is very comic and is known all across the world. And so these two artists have inspired me to create my own art in the hope to be like them and to achieve wonderful goals.

I draw inspiration from the things around me in my environment and I like to draw things that are fun and exciting. I love to draw with different mediums and have been experimenting with a variety of materials. My favourite medium is pencil and my most recent works are done with charcoal on paper. I like to draw cute characters and creatures, as well as anime characters. I also love to learn about art history, so I can create my own style that is inspired by famous artists such as Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci.